2021 – Best Practice Stimulus Design

Call for Participation

Stimulus design is an often acknowledged threat to validity when studying gaze in programming. This hands-on EMIP workshop focuses on how to design stimulus source codes and corresponding tasks for eye tracking studies in programming. We will also discuss pitfalls when devising stimuli and how to avoid them.
Prior to the workshop, participants will work on a warm-up task and prepare source codes and other stimulus material to discuss at the workshop. During the workshop week three synchronous meetings will take place on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, lasting about two to three hours. The times will be determined according to participants’ time zones.
Workshop results will be compiled into a report and we are aiming at a joint publication as with previous workshops, like Busjahn et al. (2014): Eye tracking in computing education, Busjahn et al. (2015): Eye movements in code reading: Relaxing the linear order, and Bednarik et al. (2020): EMIP: The eye movements in programming dataset.

The opening presentation will be given by Raymond Lister.

To participate send a mail to registration@emipws.org until November 8th, 2021. Prior experience with either program comprehension or eye tracking is beneficial for participation, but not required.

Important Dates
  • Begin of warm-up task: November 1st (Monday)
  • End of registration period: November 8th (Monday)
  • Synchronous workshop session: November 29th (Monday)
  • Synchronous workshop session: December 1st (Wednesday)
  • Synchronous workshop session: December 3rd (Friday)

Workshop Organizers
Teresa Busjahn
Carsten Schulte
Sascha Tamm